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First Aid for the Artist\

First Aid for the Artist's Soul

Stress management, communication and conflict resolution in the cultural sector

A guide


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ISBN 978-3-89581-553-9

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A practical guide for everyone working in the artistic and cultural sector, to help to focus creativity and energy on the most important thing: art!

"It is just the right moment for this guide!"
Hubert Eckart, German Theater Technology Society

In theatres, operas, orchestras and other cultural institutions, artists are constantly under pressure to deliver artistic excellence – despite adverse working conditions, personal challenges and interpersonal conflicts. In this book, theatre and mental coach Christina Barandun provides "first aid" with tips and practical exercises. She shows how artists in their complex, creative and chaotic workplace can better deal with stress and psychological strain, how they can strengthen their resources, their ability to communicate, and how to handle conflict.

"Christina Barandun manages to pass on her well-founded specialist knowledge in a practical, lively and creative way. She sees the needs of the individual and does not lose sight of the 'big picture'."
Tanja Krischer, German Theatre and Orchestra Association

"An effective toolkit for working on and behind the stage."
Katrin Reichardt, Aalto Musiktheater Essen

"You learn more about yourself and how to deal responsibly with others." Wolfgang Heuer, German Occupational Health and Safety Insurance