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The Last Bird

The Last Bird

Stories & Plays


Broschur. 364 Seiten. Englische Version von "Wie meine Frau dem Wahnsinn verfiel. Stories & Plays". englisch
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»Many people find my stories and plays disturbing, but isn't the whole universe disturbing? Anyway, be warned. And I apologise for not being about to write more comfortable plays and stories.« Keith Johnstone

Keith Johnstone (*1933, Devon, England) is a theatre director, writer and drama instructor whose teachings and books have focused on improvisational theatre and have had a major influence on the art of improvisation. He worked for ten years at the Royal Court Theatre as play-reader, drama teacher and director and became Associate Director of the theatre. His unorthodox techniques were aimed at opening his students' imagination and improving their spontaneity.

Keith Johnstone thaught at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art until he left England and moved to Canada in the 1970s and has thaught or given workshops at major European theatre schools and universities. In Canada, he thaught at the University of Calgary, where he is now a professor emeritus and is a founding Artistic Director of the Loose Moose Theatre at Calgary. Johnstone still lives in Calgary and teaches all over the world.

Keith Johnstone has developed many forms of improvisation, including Theatresports, Micetro Impro, Gorilla Theatre and The Life Game, which (along with his techniques) are now being used worldwide. He has written two books about his work (Impro: Improvisation and the Theatre and Impro for Storytellers).